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Air Pods Case-1

Air Pods Case-1

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Willms' design inspiration威尔姆斯的设计灵感
Pursue freedom, sexiness, mystery and romance
Willms is unique. No matter how life changes, you can always live up to expectations.
Not defined by labels, Wilms works with you to interpret the real me.不被标签定义,威尔姆斯与你一起诠释真实的我。
May you pursue excellence every day!愿你每天都追求卓越!
Shockproof and drop-proof防震防摔
Reinforced on all sides and close to the edges, it feels comfortable and does not leave fingerprints四面加固,靠近边缘,手感舒适,不会留下指纹
Raised breathing light protection升高呼吸灯保护
0.2MM higher than the machine cover,高出机盖0.2MM,
Better protect headphones from wear due to drops or friction
Since the birth of Willms' design, countless designers and fashion magazines have gone crazy for it.自威尔姆斯的设计诞生以来,无数设计师和时尚杂志为之疯狂。
His elegance and noble lineage made him a celebrity.他的优雅和高贵的血统使他成为名人。
This is the charm of Willms这就是威尔姆斯的魅力所在

Gold-plated lenses and brand strips create a personalized, fashionable label full of design
Luxurious and elegant, it creates a beautiful fantasy with a posture that is more acceptable to young people.

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