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iPhone Case-15

iPhone Case-15

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Willms’ design inspiration
Pursue freedom, sexiness, mystery and romance
Willms is unique. No matter how life changes, you can always live up to expectations.
Not defined by labels, Willms works with you to interpret the real me.
May you pursue excellence every day!
Raised lens protection凸起的透镜保护 Shockproof and fall-proof

The surrounding area is reinforced, the edge and the screen are different from the design, the impact

Better protect camera from wear and tear due to drops or friction更好地保护相机免受因跌落或摩擦而造成的磨损

Raised lens protection
0.2MM higher than the camera,
Better protection against camera wear caused by falling or friction
Shockproof and drop-proof防震防摔
Reinforced design around the perimeter, edges and screen height difference, strong impact resistance, effectively protecting the phone from damage周边、边缘及屏幕高差加强设计,抗冲击能力强,有效保护手机免受损坏
Since the birth of Willms' design, countless designers and fashion magazines have gone crazy for it.
Retro elegance and noble pedigree make it a celebrity.
This is the charm of Willms

This is the charm of Willms这就是威尔姆斯的魅力所在
Patent design
Gold-plated lens and brand bars create a personalized, stylish label full of design
Gold-plated lenses and brand strips create a personalized fashion label full of design.
Luxurious and elegant, it creates a beautiful fantasy with a posture that is more acceptable to young people.
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