iPhone Case-13
iPhone Case-13
iPhone Case-13
iPhone Case-13
iPhone Case-13

iPhone Case-13

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Analysis of the artistic conception of ink painting, do not care about the appropriate shade
Willms naturally blends in ink gradients to form a unique "black fashion"
Bright fashion
Mysterious Oriental ink elements, embellished with dazzling gold
Outline the unique Oriental
Noble, elegant, smart charm
Personality • Niche
Different theme products, show different personality labels
Good-looking niche mobile phone shell, always excavated by a few people, a choice to go out without bumping into the shell, is easily handled by you
Raised lens protection
0.2MM higher than the camera,
Better protection against camera wear caused by falling or friction
Patent design
Gold-plated lens and brand bars create a personalized, stylish label full of design
Luxurious, elegant, in a more acceptable posture to young people, to create a reverie of beauty

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