Cookie Policy

Date of last update: 1 July 2020

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of information that your browser stores on your computer's hard drive when you visit any website and may assign you a unique identifier.

What types of cookies do we use?
We and some of our affiliates and third-party service providers may use several different types of cookies: persistent cookies (retained by your browser until deleted) and session cookies (after a period of time or when you will be automatically deleted when the

We also have the opportunity to use other tracking technologies, such as web beacons and local storage. Web beacons allow us to monitor the behavior and condition of the website by passing on your IP address, any cookies we may have set, and information about the page on the server you are visiting. We use local storage to track your preferences, what you see, temporary personal identifiers, and more; the data we store in local storage generally remains on your device.

Why do we use cookies/tracking technologies?
We use cookies (and other tracking technologies, but for simplicity we will refer to them collectively as cookies) for a number of reasons, including: they allow us to customize your experience (for example, to view prices in the correct currency), operational website (such as to enable you to place items in your shopping cart and continue shopping), and to ensure that you have a good experience with our website.

We also use cookies for analytics and to provide advertising or marketing that is relevant to you.

There are also cookies set by third party organizations which allow us to provide interactive content, perform analytics and enable other third party functionality such as payment or links to social media.

How can you control cookies?
You can control cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. You can also delete existing cookies from your browser and/or disable cookies on your computer and other devices. Depending on the particular browser you are using (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), this can usually be done by accessing Browsing History through the Settings or Options menu (or equivalent). If you're using a different device, you can do so in that device's Settings page.

Some cookies are necessary for our website to function properly: if you disable cookies in your browser or delete existing cookies, our website may not function properly and your experience with our website will be less personalized , may also make your shopping experience less pleasant.

Please note that if you delete existing cookies without disabling cookies in your browser and then visit our (or any) website again, new cookies may be placed and you may need to delete existing ones again cookie.

You can also opt out of targeted advertising: please visit or for more details.

You can also change your advertising preferences on the platforms of Google, Facebook and other third parties and other providers.

Finally, if you choose to unsubscribe directly from us

What cookies/tracking technologies do we use?
All communications, we will no longer use your information for these purposes.
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Certain browsers allow you to use a "do not track" feature and will automatically notify the websites you visit not to track you. If you enable the "Do Not Track" feature while visiting our website, we will treat you as having rejected cookies and will not place any cookies other than those necessary for our website to function properly.

Learn more about cookies

We collect location information in two ways, both of which preserve your anonymity - either we use only the first three octets of the IP address for approximate locations where errors occur more often, or when you explicitly If you agree to use non-essential cookies, use the Geolocation API set in your browser (your browser will pop up a dialog box to ask for your consent).
Even if you decline cookies, you may find that you see more Bellroy advertisements on other websites after visiting our website. This may be because you have given consent (even if you did not mean to) to a third party such as Google or AdWords, and they may have noticed that you have visited the Bellroy website.
We use an (anonymous) session ID every time you visit our website. This measure is essential to ensure that the website functions properly, but it also means that we may provide you with certain pages (such as product recommendations) based on usage. Session IDs are not linked to any personal data and therefore cannot be used to identify you.
When you place an order or register for our e-newsletter or otherwise provide personal data, this data will be linked to your session ID, and the personal information we have collected to date (until then anonymized). You may terminate the link at any time by sending an email to